We provide Drone Filming in Dubai and Drone Filming in Abu Dhabi.

Drones have changed the entire course of filmmaking, allowing Filmmakers to get that close range aerial video earlier impossible with full-scale helicopters.

Dubai Drone Filming Company

Drone Filming Dubai

Established in 2004, Chopper Shoot is the first Aerial Filming Company in the UAE and Oman. CHOPPER SHOOT owns over 10 drones in every class, which can meet small to large Drone Aerial Filming requirement. Our Drones go through a strict timely safety check. We provide Drone video and photography service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Oman.

Recent worldwide near collision incidents involving drones with full-scale aircraft it is of paramount importance to hire Drone team that is professional and responsible. In UAE companies face fines of up to AED1,000,000.00 and 3 years prison terms if caught filming with a drone without permits

Our team is well-acquainted with every aspect of obtaining permits for Aerial Filming and Photography with drones. We are up to date with the latest Aerial Filming Regulations from Dubai Film Commission, Ministry of Defense and Civil Aviation Authority.

Through our rigorous safety policies and training, we ensure complete safety. Our Team has been trained by British Aviation Authority Certified Aerial Acadamy, and we have flown over 2000 hours safely.

Chopper Shoot has relished the privilege of working with some renowned Developers,  tourism projects, TV Drama, Movies and broadcasters like BBC and CNN

In the pursuit of creativity and quality, our crew is exceptionally trained and skilled.

From Planet Earth 2 to Panorama, the use of drones in aerial filming is escalating rapidly. Production houses are making a tremendous use of the drone technology to nail that special close range Aerial Shot, without the requirement of high budget.

Contact us at choppershoot@me.com or call us at +971506359452 to transform your aerial filming experience. We are conveniently located in Jumeira 1, Dubai. If you find difficulty locating us, Google Maps is the one to consult!

Here are some behind the scene images from our Drone Filming