2017 / 28 October

Drone Filming in Abu Dhabi

drone filming abu dhabi

Drone Filming in Abu Dhabi?

Obtaining permits for Drone Filming in Abu Dhabi is well laid out process by GCAA, DMAT and Military Head Quarter. It takes ten working days to get Drone filming Permits in Abu Dhabi. Our team is well informed about the entire process. Get in touch with us for your Drone requirement.

Safety is the most significant concern of all government entities involved in approving Drone filming in Abu Dhabi and other emirates. Once the authorities are satisfied that the Drone team will carry out the Drone flight in Safe manner, then the approvals are granted.

The only challenge while obtaining permits for Drone filming in Abu Dhabi is when the locations are within the Airport, Palaces or Military Airbases. Such sites could take a week longer to get approved.

UAE’s aviation authorities like GCAA and DCAA are most proactive Aviation Authorities in the world regarding helping the Drone industry grow and integrate it into civilian aviation airspace.

Strict regulations mean more safety and less of rouge flying. Drones have potential to cause a lot of damage if used by inexperienced pilots.

With US$1,000,000.00 in liability in insurance and timely training of all Drone operators in our team, we are always up to date with Drone safety regulations and practice.

Drone filming abu dhabi

Drone filming Abu Dhabi

Drone Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Drone Filming


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