2018 / 27 January

Drone Filming in Dubai

Regulations for Drone filming in Dubai are one of the most extensive,  up-to-date and well laid out compared to any other major metropolis. Dubai Film Commission (DFTC) Civil Aviation Authority of Dubai and UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority have drafted permit process to accommodate safe integration of Drone Filming Technology in Dubai’s airspace. All government departments work in strength together and are committed to providing safe and hassle-free experience.

CHOPPERSHOOT has in-depth knowledge of Drone Regulations, permit process and goodwill in all government departments that issue Aerial Filming Permits. We have a dedicated department for permit application and regular follow up.

Our area of operation includes entire UAE and Oman. For more information, you can write us on for all your questions about Drone filming in Dubai and we will gladly assist you in all area of Drone and Helicopter Filming in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You will learn more about our services on


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