UAE Drone Filming Regulations

The regulations for Filming with Drones in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and rest of UAE are pretty well laid out. UAE has been the leader in adapting to the Drone technology. All federal and regional government departments work together to make UAE’s skies safe and accessible for Drone & Helicopters alike. With complete in-house public relations department, we can obtain all filming permits on your behalf.

Dubai Drone Filming Permit

For all Drone filming in Dubai approval needs to be obtained from Dubai Film Commission, Ministry of Defense, Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and GCAA.

The client requires to provide a letter of intent and approval of location owner. Our team will handle complete paperwork and liaise with all government departments.

The lead time is 10 working days.

Abu Dhabi Drone Filming Permit

All Drone filming permits in Abu Dhabi go thru the online application portal of General Civil Aviation Authority. The lead time is 15 working days.

We require authorization from following government entities for any Drone filming in Abu Dhabi. Department of Municipal Affairs (DMAT), Abu Dhabi Police HQ, General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) and Ministry of Defense (MOD).

In some cases, additional approvals might be required. For example for any site that is of cultural signification then approval of the ministry of culture is required; like, museums or mosques.

Drone Filming Permit for rest of UAE

Application on GCAA web portal is submitted for GCAA and MOD approvals. Local civil aviation authority application is submitted on email. Lead time is 15 working days.

(Please allow extra days for Aerial filming permits close to any sensitive areas like a power plant, government sites, busy downtown, military zone or airport)

Finally we would like to add that all these regulations might seem complicated but in reality, they are clearly laid out and all government departments are here to help us achieve our creative vision. We have been in this business for over 10 years and are well versed in all regulations and permit process.

We look forward to making your Aerial Filming experience in UAE memorable.


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