2016 / 29 November

Dubai Aerial Stock Video

Dubai Aerial Stock Video. Recently Chopper Shoot was commisionned to Aerial Shoot Dubai’s best known Landmarks, from world’s tallest tower to world’s largest man made marina.

4 Beautiful days with clear sky and 10+ miles visibility was all we could have asked for.

The more we shoot this city more we fall in love. We have seen it grow from desert to a world class metropolis in last 10 years of being in business. All buildings are unique in their design. Top talents from all over the world were hired to bring some of the iconic buildings to life.

Dubai Aerial Stock Video was completed in 4 Days of late afternoon flights, which enabled us to shoot sunset, twilight and night Aerial Video.

Dubai Film and TV Commission made filming this Aerial Video hassle free project by helping us with granting us all require permits for this shoot to take place.

With every flight we have learnt something new about Dubai. Every flight makes us realize how fortunate we are to have witness this amazing city grow from a small town to a world know tourist destination. From worlds tallest tower to the fanciest hotel in the world. We have it all and more!

60% of towers you see in this video did not exist 10 years ago. In 2008 15% of all tower cranes in the world were in Dubai. Dubai was effected by the recession like most countries but it bounced back in no time. Under right leadership everything is possible. With an amazing leadership of Dubai under His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Al Makthoum we all know Dubai is here to keep growing at never ending speed.

Please read other section of our blog to learn more about our Aerial Filming adventure around UAE. Thank you for reading and please keep visiting.
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